Officers and Committees

Officers and Committee Members

Elected members’ names are followed by a term – such as “(2020)”. Terms are 2 years unless otherwise noted; finish at the end of the year specified. Appointed members’ names are not followed by a term.

Moderator, Rosemary Driscoll (2020)
Treasurer, Bill Seymour (2021)
Clerk, Carol Hildebrand (2021)
Assistant Treasurer, Jackie McBride (2020)

Music & Arts, Annie Otte (co-chair)
Adult RE, Rich Geckle (co-chair)
Deacons, Margaret Lindquist

Religious Education
Chris Banthin (Chair) (2020)
Ben Otte (2020)
Daniel Fritz (2020)

Buildings and Grounds (“B & G”)
Open, Memorial Hall
Lee Manuel, Parsonage (2021)
Sam Wolman, Church Building (2021)
Decorating/Garden, Carol Hildebrand (2020)

Aileen Zogby (2020)
Loretta Lillios (2021)
Margaret Lindquist (Chair) (2021)
Allison Nelson-Eliot (2020)

Tod Dimmick (Chair) (2021)
Grace Lindquist (2020)
Roseda Warren (2021)

Parish Committee
Worship, Rich Geckle (2021)
RE Chair, Chris Banthin (2020)
Service Chair, Margaret Lindquist (2021)
Finance Chair, Chris Lindquist (2020)
Membership Chair, Tod Dimmick (2021)
B&G Chair, Rotating
Member at Large, Annie Otte (2021)
Member at Large, Nick Eburne (2020) then
Herb Nolan (2020)

Margaret Lindquist (Chair) (2021)
Nora Field (2021)
Jackie McBride (2020)
Bob McBride (2020)
Carol Hildebrand (2020)
Rosemary Driscoll (2020)
Grace Lindquist
Nick Eburne
Daniel Fritz

Endowment (Term of 4 years)
John Wilkins (Chair) (2023)
Jim Gorman (2021)
Jennifer Dimmick (2020)
Bob Brack (2022)

Robert Brack (2021)
Annette Pein, (Stewardship Chair) (2021)
Chris Lindquist (Chair) (2020)
Jennifer Dimmick (2020)

Music Committee
Annie Otte (Chair) (2020)
Lee Manuel
Bill Seymour
Stephen James, Music Director (ex-officio)

Tod Dimmick
Rosemary Driscoll
Lee Manuel

Oldtown Calendar
Tod Dimmick