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Discussion Groups

“Welcome to Eliot” Informational Meeting

After worship and at other times during the week we have discussions on a variety of topics.  Frequently they are referred to as “forums.”  Recent topics have included progressive interpretations of the bible, homelessness, and the Protestant Reformation.  In addition, we have a regular monthly group for people interested in learning about the church.  Please see the description below.

Please feel free to grab a coffee and join us for an informal “Q&A” session held in the parlor during coffee hour. This group is particularly geared toward new and newly-returned church attendees who are interested in learning more about our congregation. Our minister, Adam Tierney-Eliot and our church lay leaders will be there to answer any questions you might have. We would like to get to know you better, so come on by!


“Let the world know what you live for...not what you fall for!”
John Paul Warren


Please contact The Eliot Church for further information.

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