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Our Beliefs

We are a community church in the liberal Christian tradition and welcome people of all denominations.

We do not have any specific required beliefs. We encourage individuals to define – and refine – their own beliefs, hopefully inspired in part by readings and sermons in our services. As a congregation, we recite the Ames Covenant in our weekly worship service:


In the love of truth

And in the spirit of Jesus,

We unite for the worship of God

And the service of All.


This Covenant reminds us of our basic principles. We believe that the search for truth is vital to any religious quest.  We do not try to define God, but accept a diversity of beliefs, and we affirm that our beliefs must be practical in service to the human community.

We are thus a “free” church, in the sense that we are not bound by creeds, but may make up our own minds, as may others.  We hold that ideas should be freely expressed, discussed, and acted upon, and that they must be tested against the truth as best we are able to glimpse it. Many of us believe that this sort of religion belongs in the church of the future.

We cordially invite you to join the congregation for the worship service every Sunday morning at 10:00 AM.

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