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Frequently Asked Questions 
About Stewardship and Pledging

Who can answer questions not covered here?  Email our Treasurer, Bill Seymour, at

Is pledging a requirement of membership? No. However, we need everybody to contribute to the Stewardship Campaign to fund the services offered by the Eliot Church.

How is the money from my pledge used to support the church? Pledges, combined with other church income, pay for the services of our full- and part-time employees, including our minister, music director, administrator, and custodian. These funds also support our day-to-day operating expenses, such as utilities, insurance, and office supplies. The volunteer-led Parish and Finance Committees perform oversight of budgeting and expenses to ensure that financial contributions find the best possible use to continue the mission of the church.

What about the money I put in the collection plate? If you put your offering in an envelope with your name on it or write a check it will count towards fulfilling your pledge.

What if my financial circumstance changes and I cannot fulfill my pledge? Simply reduce your giving accordingly. 

How do I set up automatic payments? You may pay by credit card using a credit card or electronic funds transfer using the Vanco authorization form, which you should return to the church with your pledge card. Both services charge fees, so we ask that you consider including the fees in your donated amount.

Is my pledging information confidential? Yes.

Why do canvassers for Eliot Church contact me? Canvassers are members of the Parish and Stewardship Committees who will reach out to help answer your questions.  If you would prefer not to talk, just tell the canvasser.

Can I give stock or other appreciated assets?  Yes. You may gift or transfer appreciated securities (stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares). PLEASE contact the Treasurer, Bill Seymour at, for instructions on how to donate appreciated assets or if you plan to transfer securities. 

Who do I ask about including Eliot Church in testamentary giving?  Please consult with your attorney if you wish to include Eliot Church in your estate planning. If you would like to talk with someone at Eliot Church about this type of giving, please contact Bill Seymour or John Wilkins via ( or call the Eliot Church at (508) 653-2244.

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